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Best Answer - What is your grading policy?

Grading Policy

Grades from a grading scale shall be averaged on the basis of the point equivalencies to determine a student’s grade point average. The highest grade shall receive four points, and the lowest grade shall receive zero points, using only the following evaluative symbols:

Symbol Definition Grade Point:

A = Excellent, 4 points.

B = Good, 3 points.

C = Satisfactory, 2 points.

D = Passing, less than satisfactory, 1 point.

F = Failing, 0 points.

P = Pass (satisfactory: C or better; units not counted in GPA)

IF = Incomplete grade that will default to an F grade if missing course work is not completed

NP = N o Pass (less than satisfactory or failing; units not counted in GPA)

RD = Delayed Grade, Final grade has not yet been posted.

W = Withdrawal

The GPA (grade point average) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of units attempted.

You can find a complete list of symbols and more by visiting the Grades and Scholarships Webpage.



Unsatisfactory grades of D+, D, F and No Pass will not allow you to register fo the next higher level course in a sequence and may not be transferable to a four-year institution.  Vist the Prerequisites webpage for more information.   



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